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Sigma Introduces dp0 Quattro, Hopes You Have Short Memory


Sigma has announced the dp0 Quattro, mating the incomparable Foveon X3 Quattro sensor with a fixed 14mm F4.0 lens. If it’s anything like its older siblings, it will yield image quality, sharpness, and resolution that belie its proletarian roots. But what’s most interesting is that Sigma is using a press photo of the dp0 that hides the camera’s rather….ahem…interesting look. So as a service to our brain-addled readers* we present photos of the dp Quattro lineup.




dp1 Quattro


dp2 Quattro


dp3 Quattro


Stay tuned for a detailed review from the NCN National Camera Testing Lab.


*You know who you are. Or do you?



    • They’ve been receiving broadcasts of The Benny Hill Show for quite some time already. I think that’s why they haven’t invaded yet-they don’t want to start a chase scene.

  1. Technically, I don’t think it is correct to call us brain-addled. Addle-brained is more appropriate. Addle being the modifier. Addle means to make unable to think clearly; confuse. Someone who is addle-brained is someone foolish or unable to think clearly


  2. It looks like a Lytro ILLUM…come to think of it, they should do a camera together and combine the Foveon and the Lytro sensors together to make the Fotro, or Lyveon sensor- It will be the most whiz-bangy thing ever.

    If GoPro used the Lytro sensor, would the camera be called the GOLLUM?

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