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RUMOR! Leica M240 Lenny Kravitz Edition


Upon hearing rumors that Leica might be releasing a special Lenny Kravitz edition of the M240, we rushed back from the haberdashery and sent a telegram to Leica. The message read:


Proving that they are not immune to the advance of technology, Leica responded via fax. The fax read:



“Just like Leica, Lenny Kravitz has just one or two true hits to his name, the rest of his oeuvre little more than filler.
And just like Leica, these days Lenny Kravitz is more famous for being Lenny Kravitz than anything else and not for anything he’s done in like fifteen years. So for the special Lenny Kravitz edition M240, we’re being superficial and overrated, just like Lenny Kravitz.”


We’ll be right back after listening to the only two songs by Lenny Kravitz that anybody knows.


  1. I can only remember one hit by Lenny Kravitz. No wait, that was the one hit by Eagle Eye Cherry. Or was it…oh, never mind!

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