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Canon EOS- M3 , the world what if mirror -less Menace to escape US Unleashed


[NCN does not have the travel budget to send our crack editorial team to Japan for the CPlus trade show. That, and we couldn’t find a sitter for the cats. So to make it feel like we are there and to bring our readers with us on this trans-Pacific journey, this story is being translated into Japanese with Google Translate and then back into English. Come take this journey with us…]

Canon reign over several decades of the mirror Fuji in fear , Panasonic , Olympus , Samsung , Nikon , Pentax , enough more than 50 light suction megapixel to make a mirror -less camera from Sony atrophy , and unleashed on the world 5DS, I will continue .

However , it does not just have been doing for Canon push back the onslaught of mirror -less camera . Mirror -less camera in the case of the Canon is a poop , to indicate that they should go back to buy the rebels from Andre Agassi in the world , and has released its own mirror -less camera . EOS -M3 is its mirror -less camera , it is a third of the salvo at the time of photographer of good sense in the world .

” Atrophy in fear , the world of people , ” Canon is declared with the release of EOS -M3. The ” look , mirror -less camera is terrible . We , in order to show how they how much bad , please look at the . M3 that has built one . it’s ugly , you do not feel like a man , what lens , and does not have the other things . you are in such a bad camera since it we did not think so do you want to take your children and pets photo of ? , we also will return to . back revolt that did not bother to manufacture a lens for it. in other words , the right way , This is the only true way . before all is lost , and repent ! ”

EOS -M3 is , has been released all over the world except for the United States to have until the resistance to current girly mirror -less camera . AMERICA!


  1. ” Atrophy in fear , the world of people , […] and repent ! ”

    Don’t smite me, oh mighty canon!

  2. Sorry, I cannot top this. This is probably the best news article I’ve seen here so far. Kudos to the NCN staff for a truly great article.


    I Canon post over this, my shame. I see no better news than this most surely ever. Sudoku articulated greatly by NCN staff.

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