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Ricoh Shows Lump of Plastic, Pentaxicans Overjoyed.


Pentaxicans around the world are celebrating Ricoh’s announcement of a lump of plastic at the CP+2015 photography show in Japan. The lump of plastic is hollow, with no electronic or optical elements, no viewfinder, no rear LCD, non-functioning, unlabeled changes in surface detail that may be imagined to be buttons and switches, and no means of turning it on or taking a photo by either film* or digital means. A lens appears to be attached but it is not known whether via the renowned Pentax K mount or some kind of adhesive or glue. The lump of plastic does not appear to have a mirror, AF mechanism, or anything that might be seen in an actual camera.

Still, Pentaxicans around the world are already claiming that this lump of plastic (the only one known to be in existence and kept beneath a glass case at the show) is better than their fully purchased and fully functioning DSLRs (including the current K-3, K-S1, and newly announced K-S2) and will somehow make their old lenses operate as “God originally intended them to.” Many are going so far as to re-arrange their camera and lens inventory, clearing space in the camera bookcase for said lump of plastic, and thinking about names for said lump of plastic as if it were a newborn child born in a manger in late December. It has been reported but unconfirmed that some have been brought close to tears, raising their arms to the sky as they sing, “Hallelujah!”

Authorities are being dispatched to the homes of said Pentaxicans to check for possible ingestion of hallucinogens or membership in some small, mysterious, ancient cult.

* It is unconfirmed but the lump of plastic may be fashioned into a functioning pinhole camera if the right tools (punch, utility knife, black tape, film) are provided. Besides that, there are no other possible means of capturing a photo with said lump of plastic.


  1. Sadly Pentax showed a prototype ff camera some 10 years ago and it never materialized. I hope Pentax fans will not live that again…

  2. “Pentaxicans around the world are already claiming that this lump of plastic…”

    it’s more like, “you” claim that Pentaxicans..

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