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RUMOR: Nikon D7200


NCN has received super mega top secret confidential papers outlining the Nikon D7200, the rumored replacement for the now-ancient D7100 DSLR. From what we have learned, the D7200 will incorporate the key qualities that the Nikon D7100 and all Nikons are known for, including:

  • Black with a little red
  • Blobby
  • Hole for lens
  • Flippy floppy reflective thing
  • Eye hole
  • Little TV screen on the back
  • Lots of buttons
  • Photon catcher made by someone else
  • Batteries

Key new feature include:

  • 100 more



If these ultra confidential documents are true then the D7200 is really going to shake up the marketplace when it’s released. A true game changer and one that will have Canon, Pentax, Sony, Samsung, Casio, and others struggling to respond! Stay tuned to NCN as we dig deeper into this developing rumor!





  1. This is certainly better than micro four thirds, which only gives you one more. And much better than Canon, who makes you buy a vowel.

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