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Leica “Updates” T


In a surprise move (that we bet nobody else in the industry is reporting about), Leica announced an update to their T mirrorless camera. Although it was just released last year, Leica is quickly responding to criticism that the T just wasn’t Leica enough, and last month locked Leica engineers and designers in a room with little more than a keg of warm beer, a plate of bratwurst, and their wits and told, “not to come out until they made the T more Leica!” Here’s what they’ve come up with:

1 – Removed all non-essential controls

“All those extra controls made the original T feel like a Canon, or even worse, a Fuji!” said one of the sweaty, sleep deprived engineers as they left the room.”


2 – Removed Autofocus

“I pity the fool that uses autofocus!” said the second engineer, who somehow managed to get a haircut while working on the updated Leica T.



3- Hole in Back

Leica engineers punched a hole right through the circuit board of the Leica T to in order to create a “hole for viewing.” Upon leaving the sweaty, locker-smelling room, an engineer quipped, “without the hole, you could be mistaken for taking photos with a Samsung.”



4 – Higher Price

The last person to leave the room was the Leica T product manager who said, “Nothing says Leica like telling your friends how much you paid for your Leica. With the original T, we did not consider this completely. The new Leica T will be considerably more expensive.” When asked what the new price would be, the product manager responded, “If you have to ask….”



Little is known as to whether Mr T. will continue to be used as the spokesperson for the revised Leica T. Rumors abound that Leica is looking around for ex-governors for the next series of Leica T ads and would even consider someone from Austria.



  1. > “If you have to ask….”

    It’s kind of important really. Leica has lost touch even with its fans: the start price is crucially important to calculate for how much the camera would fetch at auction 50 years later.

  2. it would be a good camera for my kids, aged 6,4,2 …… there are so few with a viewfinder and no controls, so that you can learn the basics of photography first …….. a bit like the best fighter pilots trained on gliders …….. I might have to buy half a dozen though as they do not look that drop proof. They aren’t really expensive are they ?

  3. “They aren’t really expensive are they ?”

    Naa – not really. We used them as giveaways for serious bratwurstbuyers.

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