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Leica Kravitz vs. Olympus Metallica!


When choosing a camera system, it is critically important to analyze a number of factors including sensor size, ergonomics, lens availability, AF performance, and celebrity endorsements. In this era of camera sufficiency*, celebrity endorsements separate the pretenders from the real camera brands and are becoming even more important than knowledge of the history of photography, exposure fundamentals, and the rule of thirds in creating great photography.

Here we compare two of the latest celebrity endorsements from Leica and Olympus to see who makes better cameras for real photographers. Let the battle begin:



This is going to be tougher than we originally thought. Kravitz can rock the nappy head or the dreads for great effect, while Metallica front man Hetfield had some of the best hair in heavy metal history, especially when backlit on stage or sweaty and swinging while wielding his axe.

Winner: Tie. They both have shorter hair now as their longer hair was getting in the way when taking flower macros.



Kravitz really took the Corey Hart song, “Sunglasses at Night” seriously because he’s rarely seen without them, and aviators more likely than not. Hetfield is not as committed, and these days when he wears them he looks like a dentist with a Harley.

Winner: Olympus, because you gotta take your sunglasses off when taking pictures.



Kravitz tries to be the second coming of Jimi Hendrix but is really just a mildly perturbed Lionel Ritchie. Hetfield on the other hand can wield a Flying V without irony.

Winner: Olympus, not even close.



Kravitz must be eating a lot of yogurt or something because at his recent Super Bowl appearance he didn’t appear a day over 25. Hetfield, in a recent photo with an Olympus camera, has unfortunately turned into an extra in the movie Fargo.

Winner: Leica

Overall Winner: Olympus

It’s quite clear from this rigorous analysis that the Olympus is a better camera, smaller sensor notwithstanding. Quibble all you want over DxO charts and whatnot, but you can win any Internet argument by saying, “Hetfield uses an Olympus. ‘Nuff said.” But the Leica seems to be aging better; in fact it is pre-aged and the likely to encased in glass, never to be used in anger. Just like Lenny Kravitz.

* Camera sufficiency is the idea that even idiots can take good photos these days.

Photo Credits: These photos have been re-used and repurposed so much on the Internets that it’s nigh impossible to find the original photographer. If you know who took any of these photos, let us know. That one shot of Hetfield on the set of Fargo came from here


  1. Both easily beat by Bach Canon!
    Hair? Do not even start..
    Guitar? Ha! (as in Harpsichord)
    Sunglasses? OK, we missed one.
    Timelessness? Still playing at your neighborhood Conservatories (OK, not exactly himself..)

    (By the way, your second best after the unsurpassed Walley POS-86 review! Thanks!)

  2. This page should play Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” at the conclusion of the article. More unstoppable sound on webpages, please!

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