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Bentley, Leica Partner on Full Frame Backup Camera


Iconic luxury brands Bentley and Leica are teaming up to bring their decades of cutting edge technology and bespoke luxury sensibilities to a whole new realm-luxury backing up with the 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupe with Leica backup camera. Currently even the most luxurious cars make do with crop sensor backup cameras, denying their wealthy, successful job creators the top tier backup experience that they deserve. Bentley and Leica are changing the game. With a 4-liter V8 engine making 500 horsepower and 487 ft-lb of torque mated to a 24 megapickle full frame sensor and Summilux-M 21mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, the 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupe backs up like no other car. In the world.

Backing up is now a high performance luxury experience that’s guaranteed to impress passengers and fellow members at the club. The driver simply shifts the car into reverse gear, which automatically turns on the Leica backup camera. Then, while looking through a viewfinder that has extended smoothly towards the driver (as if by magic or tiny unicorns embedded in the dash), the driver simply rotates the manual focus control (conveniently located on the center console) until the focus patch and image are aligned. The driver can then, with impeccable status, back up the Bentley with their left hand on the steering (wrapped in sumptuous Corinthian leather) while adjusting focus with their right hand. The dynamic range and low light capabilities of the full-frame sensor and fast f/1.4 ASPH lens turn backing up into an art as neighboring cars and curbs are rendered with delectable bokeh.

The Leica backup camera will be available on 2015 Bentley Continental Gt V8 S Coupes. Please don’t embarrass yourself and ask, “How much will it cost?”


  1. Well!
    I expected more: a truly bespoke M typ 240 ‘B’. With matching 21mm Summilux-M lens. No less.
    How else can I arive at my club?

  2. But the driver will need to compensate for the crop factor. Think of the expensive accidents when these new back-up cameras don’t have the reach of the more traditional crop sensor back up cameras?

    Think of the children!

  3. On a lighter note, happy Mother’s Day to the women in our lives that we’ve given our backup cameras to.

  4. I say we make our own news. Tesla Motors has developed a camera that has actual shutter shock – it sends 10,000 volts to the grip and the other side of the camera when you take a selfie. Can also be used as a defibrillator in an emergency.

  5. How cheap can you get? On a car such as this it should be stereo Leicas to match the exhausts and of course a centre Leica as well for enhanced panoramas. Surely?

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