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Leica Trolls Haters with Q, Laughs all the way to Bank


Not one to rest on its laurels and its outsized historical significance, Leica continues to innovate and lead the industry with technical innovations like manual focus, ostrich leather, and Lenny Kravitz. Following the phenomenal success of the Leica T MILF (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens FORMAT), Leica is now showing how “with it” and “groovy” they are by launching their first Internet troll, the Leica Q.

While many are reporting that the Leica Q is an actual camera, the reality is that Q’s primary purpose is to generate more online buzz for the Leica brand. Leica says, “Every time someone comments, ‘Oh that Leica is overpriced!’ and ‘For that kind of money I can buy seventeen Samsungs, seven Sony’s, and a partridge in a pear tree!’ Leica stock climbs 2% and the cachet of the brand among the 1% climbs even further.”

Bloggers and the commentariat are taking the bait. Useless discussions among people that will never consider buying the Q (let alone see one outside of the French Rivera) are up over 7000% since the announcement of the Q. And Leica stock is up 24%.


  1. 1000% agreed.
    … and those scoundrels at Pentax have jumped onto the bandwagon: they are pretending to already have a ‘Q’. Oh the temerity.

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