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ESA’s Philae Lander Recharged! There’s Just One Small Problem…


The European Space Agency has announced that Philae, the first human designed spacecraft to land on a comet, has come back to life! As you recall, the lander settled in a shady valley on the comet seven months ago, which limited it’s ability to recharge using its solar panels. Philae ran out of battery power sooner than expected, leaving a whole bunch of science experiments unfinished and all of geekdom sad.


Philae_Lander___Philae2014____Twitter Philae_Lander___Philae2014____Twitter

Philae did manage to take some crappy photos with it’s crappy digital camera before running out of battery, and scientists have hoped that the batteries would slowly recharge and bring the probe back to life. This being 2015, Philae woke up and promptly tweeted:



Scientists at ESA are overjoyed, and looking forward to conducting more experiments. There’s just one small problem….due to its extended dormancy, the lander has reset itself to its default factory settings and before any experiments can be conducted, ESA must reset Philae’s clock.


This was not part of the plan, and ESA scientists are unable to control the four-way controller remotely. Scientists are furiously looking for the owner’s manual.


  1. Now that the A7RII is out, we can never poke fun at Sony again. “Walkman!” See, nobody laughed.

  2. My rocks got brown too…from sitting at the computer and waiting for new stuff. Will they go back to normal? (blue)

    • We are not touching your balls, no matter what color they are. We are waiting for the vapours to take hold….

  3. How long can this site be abandoned before it can be torn down and we can build condiminiums on it?

  4. Come on now, guys! We’re having to go to Ken Rockwell.com and Dpreview for our photography humor, that’s how desperate we’ve become!

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