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SCOOP! Changes in Ricoh/Pentax Full Frame Plans!


Pentaxicans around the globe are waiting anxiously for the release of the long-promised and long-overdue full-frame Pentax K-mount camera. With recent under-glass previews of the body at trade shows, many* loyal Pentax camera buffs are re-organizing their lens collections and combing beaches with metal detectors in order to save up enough money for the new almighty full-frame K.

Not so fast.

A rumor is emanating from Japan that Ricoh is putting the full-frame project on the back burner and shifting resources to something even bigger. Secret NCN sources** claim that mad scientists at Ricoh’s Advanced Imaging Skunkworks, the same wacky team that brought you the Pentax Q and Ricoh Theta, are developing a SuperMegaFrajalisticexpealadocius Format Camera. Sources say that the new camera system will feature a brand new sensor developed completely in-house by Ricoh, and will be approximately 4572mm x 6096mm and  between 512-512.3 megapickles, or just shy of half a gigapickle.

To take advantage of this new sensor, Ricoh will be developing a completely new lens mount! This will be Pentax’s 4th lens mount (K, 645, Q, and now this new one to be named later), which moles in the industry say is a testimony to how committed Ricoh is to this dying market. Unlike Sony, Nikon (1), and Canon (EOS-M), Ricoh understands the importance of launching this new system with lenses and are busy at work creating a lineup that sources say will make Zeiss Otus lenses hide in the corner and cry for their mommy. NCN has obtained super secret footage of the aperture mechanism being tested in the lab:

View post on imgur.com

Rumors suggest that lenses for this new system will be traditional screw drive. Insiders are guessing that the screw drive motor will be a 4 cylinder turbodiesel supplied by VW. Stay tuned as NCN follows this rumor in the coming days/weeks/months/eons.


Rumor Level: Totally true, because we’re NCN and we never get things wrong.


* Dozens

** Not to be confused with secret NCN Sauces, a new product extension of the NCN brand, each sauce featuring a tantalizing blend of exotic spices like Pumpkin Spice Soy Sauce and Fudge Bacon Chutney. Ask your grocer for it by name, NCN Sauces!


  1. Oh yes! This will be worth waiting for, for a couple of months at least.

    – Bokeh to die for: those dozen blades are _so_ smooth.
    – Individual pixels generously-sized at around 13 1/3 micrometre centres — maybe Foveon?
    – The f/64 crowd will quake before the f/128 (‘consumer’) and f/256 (‘pro’) aperture lenses with this beauty.

    I can just imagine my street [1] photography with this beauty. I can discretely drive along, in what looks like an advertising mock-up [2][3], all the while subtly whacking the shutter release with my sledge hammer for jaw-dropping image captures.

    [1] Apparently the cross-country four-wheel-drive version, will be a little longer in arriving.

    [2] Perhaps a bit like this:

    [3] Or on one of these for the retro’ look:

  2. “will be approximately 4572mm x 6096mm and between 512-512.3 megapickles, or just shy of half a gigapickle.”

    Still not enough resolution for my FaceSpace page.

    My cat deserves more than this!!!

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