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Olympus Introduces the Same Camera, Hopes you Don’t Notice


Olympus has introduced Pen-F, the same camera for the 8th consecutive time, hoping that consumer are too wrapped up in the Super Bowl or the duct tape challenge to notice. The “new” Pen-F has the same number of megapickles as the last 8 cameras, fits in the same camera bags as before, and uses the same lenses. There is literally no chance that a person replacing one of the previous 8 cameras with this new camera will in any way, shape, or form become a better photographer.

In an effort to be a retro green corporation, Olympus is even recycling the name. You may now resume your meaningless lives.



NOTE: In accordance with equivalence guidelines, this post has 1/4 of the words that a post about a full frame camera would have.


  1. A picture is still worth a thousand words. According to my calculations, you still owe us a sentence fragment.

  2. I bought this one recently and I’m outraged. Not only this pen is terribly expensive, but it also simply unusable: no matter surface I have tried, no matter what end of the pen I have used, it refused to paint a single line. I’m thinking about returning mine. Or is it simply defective and I should demand a replacement? Please help.

  3. Ironically, this is one of the few times they didn’t introduce “the same camera again”, at least in the simplest “measuring the megapickels” sense.

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