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Samsung Trades Camera Division to Local Farmer for 3 Goats, 12 Chickens, and a Dog That’s Blind in One Eye.


For once, the rumors are true! Samsung, the leviathan consumer electronics maker, producers of everything from giant televisions to sleek smartphones and robotic vacuum cleaners, is exiting the camera business. All assets of the camera division, including patents and intellectual property, sensor fabrication plants, and a warehouse (or twelve) of unsold cameras have been sold to a local farmer in exchange for 3 goats, 12 chickens, and a dog that’s blind in one eye.

A Samsung representative said that the chickens will be slaughtered before being stored in the RF22KRED85G/AA 4-Door French Door Food Showcase Refrigerator finished in an attractive, easy to clean black stainless steel and afterwards will be roasted in the matching NX58J77505G/AA Gas Flex Duo Range with Griddle and Wok Grate.

The farmer is reported to have said, “I’m gonna miss that gosh darn dog. Best huntin’ dog I ever had.”




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