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Rumor Monger 2000: New Canon on the Way


NCN’s Rumor Monger 2000, with its sensors reaching deep into the maw of the Internet, has detected the hints of an upcoming Canon model! The model detected will ride the retro wave currently being ridden by Olympus, Fuji, Nikon, Pentax, and Panasonic. Initial specs uncovered by Rumor Monger 2000 satellite imaging are promising:

  • Full-frame sensor
  • 20 megapickles
  • It’s a Canon, which automatically makes it Pro-level
  • The good Canon AF
  • Class-leading video
  • Bandana and hair extensions included in box

The big surprise is that the rumored Canon is not going to be a svelte digital Canonet, or even a super sized digital replica of the iconic AE-1 (yes, Nikon Df, we’re looking at you), but rather a model inspired by the Andre Agassi era Canons of the early 90s. That suggests nasty, cheap plastic on top of more cheap and nasty plastic and surrounded by even more cheap nasty plastic, all packaged in a box plastered with cheap and garish day-glo colors.

Lamborghini Countach + shirtless Andre Agassi = great camera!

Lamborghini Countach + shirtless Andre Agassi = great camera!

No word yet on whether Canon will reprise the cheap and shallow “Image is Everything” Agassi ads, and whether or not they’ll make Agassi wear a wig.

[all cheap and nasty images and video courtesy of Canon.]


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