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At A7s Launch, Sony Admits Lens Designers Never Came Back From Dinner


The launch of the Sony A7s is exciting for a number of reasons, not the least of which are megapickles the size of watermelon seeds and the 4K video. But at the product launch in Tokyo, Sony executives admitted that their lens design team went out to a team dinner about 18 months ago, “and we are still waiting for them to return.”

It’s a stunning admission for the company that’s been aggressively launching new cameras in a bid to outdo consumer electronics rival Samsung and challenge market leaders Nikon and Canon with a veritable potpourri of 1” zoom, 1” superzoom, fixed lens full frame prime cameras, interchangeable lens APS-C mirrorless cameras, interchangeable lens full-frame mirrorless cameras, full-frame fixed mirror cameras, APS-C fixed mirror cameras, and zoom lens phone module cameras.

Vaio Mavica, Sony Product Manager, APS-C, Mirrored, said, “The last time we saw them was on the birthday of one of our lens designers, Yamaha Bokeh. The whole lens team decided to celebrate with a dinner, and they even invited some of Bokeh’s school mates that work in the industry, like Kawasaki Suzuki, who currently works at Canon. That was the last that we saw of them.”

Puzzled but undeterred, Sony engineers have continued to produce camera bodies and are fast approaching a never before seen phenomena, Camera Singularity, whereby a manufacturer has as many camera bodies as they do lenses. Nobody knows what will happen when Sony reaches Camera Singularity—some think it will be achieved if Sony releases the rumored medium format camera—but there are many theories, some that include goats.

In completely unrelated news, camera maker Canon is rumored to be releasing a flurry of new lenses in the coming months.

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  1. You’d think there would be enough radioactive thorium oxide in Fukushima for Sony to make more lenses.

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