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Fuji Doubles Down on Retro


With the announcement of the Leica T, Leica’s new entry-level (and we use the term “entry-level” in absolute loosest way imaginable) camera, Leica appears to be stepping away from their iconic past and towards Apple’s unibody Macbook Pro. Even their M models (particularly those designed by Apple design wiz Jonny Ive) now have a hint of “je ne sais Apple” about them.


All in the Family

This move to the 21st century is leaving a retro-vacuum in the camera world, one that Fujifilm seems intent on filling with a lineup of cameras that James Dean would find familiar. NCN has recently obtained what our source claims to be the next Fuji camera. Apart from the photo, we know very little about this rumored new Fuji, but it looks to be a classic twin lens reflex camera with clear Fuji markings.


Our sources tell us that the top of the camera will feature a square EVF protected by a folding hood and, in keeping with tradition, the image will be presented reversed.

NCN is not in the habit of posting sensational stories of dubious validity though–we leave that to website with fewer scruples. So if you see it on these pages, then you can rest assured that it is real!

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[Source for TLR photo courtesy of www.JapanCameraHunter.com. Check them out. That’s an order.]



  1. “satire
    Syllabification: sat·ire
    Pronunciation: /ˈsaˌtīr

    1The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices,” or in this case, Fuji’s whole retro schtick. (it’s not for real, that’s part of the joke)

  2. Kinda bummed about the variable aperture zoom lens in there… and I highly doubt this is going to be 6×6 (or even FF 35mm) judging by the size and focal lengths of the lens…… would really like some details on the specs… but non constant speed zoom lens and no medium format = no point…

    SOMEONE PLEASE JUST MAKE A DIGITAL BACK FOR MY OLD ROLLEIFLEX!!! (Perferably with a 6×6 sensor (I know, I am dreaming…))

  3. Pity that you do not know your retro technology. Used a Vb for years and never noticed the upside down image. Got a bit frustrated with the reversed image though.

  4. 18-55mm on a TLR??? How ya gonna do that buddy? Mamiya C33 on steroids? Even then ya got Biiii-g parallax problems even if the v/f lens could keep up. There was, is and will only ever be one truly outstanding TLR and that’s the Yashica 635: – 120, 220 or 35mm – the latter makes it easier to fit a CMOS in, full freakin’ frame too. Maybe Fooji done this but I hear Yashica teamed with Canon to form Yashcan. Would we get more digital exposures in the 220 version?

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