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Reality Averted! Adobe Creative Cloud is Back!


Adobe is reporting that they restored services on their Creative Cloud late last night, allowing creative professionals to once again create a shinier, more beautiful version of reality than the mundane world that most of us trudge through every day. As we write this, the flow of visual fiction has returned to full strength and skin is smoother, teeth are whiter, and skies bluer. Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the outage and  seeking information on the whereabouts of Clippy, who is a “paperclip of interest”. If you or anyone you know sees Clippy, DO NOT TRY TO APPREHEND HIM YOURSELF OR YOU MAY GET A NASTY PAPERCUT.




In related news, Adobe is still being sued for committing “crimes against reality” by Federal officials, but after this near-realitypocalypse, officials are now discussing terms of settlement.



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