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Sony RX100M3 Crowned “Best Compact Ever Made” by Cult of New


It’s official–the Cult of New (CON) has named the recently-announced Sony RX100M3 as the “Best Compact Camera Ever Made (BCCEM)” in a near-unanimous vote by members. One of the major award bestowed by CON (others include, “Best DSLR Ever Made,” “Best Mirrorless Camera Ever Made,” “Best Old Looking Camera Ever Made,” “Best Normal Prime Lens Ever Made,” “Best Camera Bag Ever Made,” “Best Camera Strap Ever Made,” “Best Lens Hood Ever Made,” etc…), the RX100M3 meteoric rise from rumor to BCCEM was precedented.

As soon as photos of the RX100M3 started leaking onto the Internets, CON* members began the process of analyzing the photos in great detail in an attempt to discern the key features and specifications of the new camera. Activity reached a fever pitch once the camera was officially announced. While nobody knows the exact process by which a camera is named BCCEM (some suspect that Amazon.com is somehow involved in all CON awards, but that has not been substantiated), by looking at past winners, NCN has deduced that BCCEM cameras must:

  • Have megapickles
  • Take photos
  • Have a big hole on the front
  • Have a big screen on the back
  • Have good sample photos
  • Be sharp in the corners (a must!)
  • Be new (newer is better)

CON members are not required to touch or use cameras to nominate them for an award.

Sony, one of the major players in the industry, has not won a CON award for weeks. Sony PR Manager Mavica Vaio said, “It’s quite an honor to be named ‘Best Compact Camera Ever Made.’ It’s been months since we’ve been recognized by the Cult of New, so we’re just glad that the drought is over. Our product marketing teams work hard throughout the year to win this award. If we go weeks without winning an award from Cult of New, we get sad.”

Unlike other organizations that have annual awards, the Cult of New awards are bestowed throughout the year. Previous winners of the CON’s “Best Compact Camera Ever Made” include the Sony RX100M2, Sony RX100, Ricoh GR, Nikon A, etc…


*A secretive group with secretive rituals, secretive ceremonies, and secret handshakes, the Cult of New are the Freemasons of the camera world.


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  1. And as usual, CON CON 2014 will be held at an undisclosed location within 5 blocks of a major camera store. All attendees must have their camera GPS off.

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