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NASA Releases Soft, Noisy Image of Universe


NASA has released a soft and noisy image of the Universe that online camera experts are criticizing. The image, a composite of over 800 photos taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, contains over 10,000 galaxies, but earthbound camera enthusiasts are looking past that and towards the most important thing, image quality. Some of the comments the NCN News Team found online* include:


“The post processing of the image is atrocious. It’s filled with tiny specs of light. It’s like they didn’t use any NR at all, or at worst, the default Lightroom settings.”

FredMiranda.com forum member


“Hey NASA, that shot you took is hella soft. The Sharpen slider is your friend. Use it next time, will ya?”

Reddit.com/r/Photography Redditor


“I know the thing is orbiting 347 miles overhead to avoid light pollution and atmospheric effects, but seriously, I could do better in the backyard with my Pentax Q and an old variable aperture push-pull zoom lens.”

PentaxForums.com member


“This image shows how far behind NASA is falling with respect to sensor development. The last time the telescope was upgraded was in 2009, which is like eons in sensor years. It’s like they used a Nikon D300 or something.”

Luminous-Landscape.com forum member


“If this was a Sony product, we’d be on Hubble Space Telescope Mark XIV by now. And it would have WiFi. And use Memory Sticks.”

DPReview.com forum member


“I can’t believe that my tax dollars are being used to fund such sub-par work. If we lived in Bourkina Faso, maybe. Even Canada. But this is the USofA!”

Petapixel.com commenter


“To be honest, I’d be embarrassed to show this at the local astronomy club meeting.”

Mu-43.com forum member


“Where’s the decisive moment? Without it, this photo doesn’t have a big bang. It’s just another photo of the sky.”

Photo.net forum member


In light of this flood of criticism, legislators in Washington DC are calling for a full investigation of NASA, including a televised sub-committee meeting where they each get a chance to read their carefully constructed sound bytes.


* Boss, it was research. Really. Don’t check our browser history.
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  1. It makes you wonder if there is other life in the universe, if they are photographing us right now, and how many more megapickles they have than us.

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