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Leica Builds Camera for the “People”


Leica has announced the Leica M (Type 262) and as Leica is in the habit of doing, it’s another groundbreaking camera. Featuring a 24 megapickle full frame CMOS sensor and synthetic leather covering, it’s likely to be another hit for the storied brand. We sat down with Leica and discussed this important camera.

NCN: When did the idea of the Type 262 come about?

Leica: “Last winter, when the executive team met at the company chalet in Zermatt, we asked ourselves, ‘what about a Leica for others?’ As we supped on Beluga caviar and Cristal that evening, we did some soul searching and agreed that our laser focus on the 1% had caused us to lose a bit of our humanity. Right then, decided that we should help those less fortunate than ourselves.”


NCN: So this then is Leica’s camera for the masses?

Leica: “Traditionally, our cameras are purchased by 3 types of people:

  • Starving artist types
  • Lenny Kravitz types
  • The top 1% taking photos of the bottom 1%

Over the past decade, there has been little growth in the starving artist and Lenny Kravitz segments. So we had to think outside of the velvet lined box. With the introduction of the Leica M (Type 262), we can now add a 4th segment:

  • The top 2% taking photos of the bottom 2%

With this simple yet brilliant move, we’ve expanded our potential customer base fourfold while simultaneously expanding our potential subject base three-hundred fold! Now Leica owners do not have to travel to the most foreign and destitute places in the world in which to practice their photography. It’s not that they can’t afford to charter the planes and security details necessary to travel to these places of course, but as captains of industry and job creators they are often too busy. The Leica M (Type 262) opens up a whole new opportunity for our time-stressed customers. By our estimate, 90% of Leica owners live within a day’s drive of the bottom 2%, and we’ve set up an online forum where Leica owners can share (within the comfort of their luxury homes and yachts) shooting locations where the 2% live. Now, with the Leica M (Type 262), a Leica owner can travel to a local ghetto for the weekend instead of taking the time needed to do Rio’s favelas, Manila’s shanty towns, or Mumbai’s ghettos properly.”


NCN: Why leave out Live View and video? Isn’t it built into the circuitry already?

Leica: “We cannot let our core customer, the 1%, feel like they aren’t special snowflakes and gifts to humanity that they are, so we must make compromises. Surely the 2% understand that they just aren’t as special. But if it is any consolation to them, they should know that we use tweezers made from the finest unobtanium available to disable the Live View and video circuitry. And unobtanium doesn’t grow on trees, it’s mined near Soweto.”

NCN: What’s next? A camera for the 3%?

Leica: “Pish posh! We’ll leave that market to Apple’s iPhone!”


The Leica M (Type 262) is available for pre-order at the bargain price of $5,195.


  1. I do so trust that the ‘M’ typ 262 has also been fixed to circumvent making images of the bottom 1%: who are there for the express pleasure of the top 1%. Oh yes.

    • Good point! I would hope that the camera has a GPS and database of the bottom 1% neighborhoods to prevent this from happening. It’s only fair.

  2. As a “starving artist type” Leica owner and serial offender (X1, X2, XVario, Q: no wonder I’m starving!) I came thinking this was a serious site and stayed to laugh and enjoy.

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