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Photographers say “Enough!”, Eschew Black Friday


In a movement that is sending shockwaves through the industry, photographers around the world are rallying together to protest the rampant and incessant commercialism of Black Friday. The alleged “holiday” was started in the United States on the Friday after Thanksgiving as the first shopping day of the holiday shopping season, with retailers offering deep discounts on everything from cars to blankets with armholes. But this year is different. For the first time in recorded history, photographers are saying, “Enough!” Here are just some of the millions of photographers eschewing Black Friday this year:


Nouveau pros like this guy will soon be trolling Craigslist and Reddit

“I’m perfectly happy with my camera, my three lenses, and the one bag that I put it all in. I eschew anything else.”

Axle Pinion, wearing long sleeves.

“My camera gear is already more capable than I am. I think that my money is better spent taking a class with a photographer whose work that I admire than buying a new piece of equipment. I shall eschew.”

“I’m going to eschew any camera sales on Black Friday. I’m really excited about getting a new snowblower on Black Friday. It’s going to be a hard winter this year!”


“‘We’ve’ decided that our money is better spent on re-doing the guest bathroom.”

NCN reached out to industry executives who promised to get back to us as soon as they Google “eschew”.


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