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Ten Things Younger Than the Nikon D300


The year was 2007, the year of the dolphin. Archeologists in western Japan discover a 2,100-year-old melon, the first Transformers movie was doing well at the box office (we’re now on movie #5 for those keeping track), Windows Vista was released, and a junior senator from Illinois was contemplating a run at the White House. A lot has changed in 8 years but one thing hasn’t – the Nikon D300. There was a mild boob job with the D300s but since then Nikon has not produced the much anticipated, much rumored top spec APS-C, the mythical D400. So until that unicorn shows up, let’s celebrate ten things younger than the D300 (announced on August 23, 2007):


10. Apple iPhone 3G

Does anyone remember how revolutionary this phone was? Neither do we. We are old.

I have one of these in a junk drawer somewhere.

I have one of these in a junk drawer somewhere.

9. Flip Ultra

Ahhh, remember the days before GoPro took over the world?

8. Sony eReader

Right up there with Gutenberg in terms of its impact on literature. Steve Gutenberg.

7. T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile did not get the “make it look like an iPhone” memo.


6. Microsoft Windows Vista

We’re sorry if this brings back flashbacks. We’ll wait here as you update your BIOS and 47 device drivers.


5. Photoshop CS3

When we were young it was called “software” not “apps” and you went to a store where the software sat on a shelf in boxes and you brought it home and installed it via a fistful of floppy disks. Kids these days with they’re fancy phones!


4. Creative Zen MP3 player

The only thing remaining in “Creative Zen MP3 player” is “zen”, which is nothing, which is oddly fitting.


3. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300

Haven’t these folks joined Compaq, Gateway, Commodore, and Osborne yet?


2. Planking

Yeah, this used to be a thing.


1. The Harlem Shake

This too. What’s next, dumping a bucket of ice on yourself? Kids these days!


There you have it. If you have or do any of the ten things above, it is younger than the Nikon D300!


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