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#PopeFrancis Joins Instagram, Shuns Camera Forums


In a bold move, the #VicarofJesusChrist has joined Instagram! This is not the #BishopofRome’s first foray into social media, as he has a #yuuge following on Twitter as well as dozens of unofficial fan pages on Facebook. But in a little over a week, the #PontifexMaximus has amassed 2 million Instagram followers, surpassing Steve McCurry (1.2 million), Magnum (1 million), Ruddy Roy (257,000), Gueorgui Pinkhassov (61,000), Annie Leibovitz (37,000), and poor Sebastião Salgado (a paltry 4,161 followers).

In an exclusive Easter interview with the #PatriarchoftheWest, he revealed that he had previously participated in camera forums under a variety of names – “Pointy Hat Photog”, “Vatican Guy”, “The Holy Bokeh”, and others – but found them too angry and divisive.

In an exclusive interview with NCN, the #ServantoftheServantsofGod said the following of his experience on camera forums:

“I wanted to spread a message of loving thy enemy…I was told that I had to choose a single brand and then spend countless hours defending my brand and attacking others.

I wanted to spread a message of accepting all sensor sizes into the fold..I was told that there was only one true size, 36mm x 24mm, and that everything else was a false prophet.

I wanted to spread a message of humility and modest apertures…I was told that it was F1.7 or go home.

I wanted to spread a message of obeying the Ten Commandment…but I was told that there is only one commandment, The Rule of Thirds.”

#HisHoliness’ account is has only 16 photos but is growing quickly. Still, the #VicarofPeter trails other notable photographers like Kim Kardashian (64 million), Taylor Swift (69 million), and Selena Gomez (69 million).



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