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Fuji jumps out to early lead during Photokina 2016


Fuji has jumped out to an early lead in the 2016 edition of the ultra competitive Photokina tournament. Canon and Nikon, perennial favorites in the annual competition, where thrown off guard by Fuji’s aggressive early moves, their tiny mirrorless and action cameras no match for Fuji’s medium-sized megapickle monster. Perennial underdogs Panasonic and Olympus put up a good fight but no serious photographer uses them; they were unable to displace Fuji from the top spot. The Fuji team is very satisfied and hopes that they can sustain this lead until the closing bell. “We’ve trained for this event, with lots of planking and deep knee bends.” Fuji said, “We are just happy that all the hard work has paid off and we are in the lead.”

Current standings after the first several days are:

  1. Fuji: 51
  2. Panasonic: 33 1/3
  3. Olympus: 24
  4. Sony: 20
  5. Canon: 15
  6. Polaroid: 13
  7. Phase One: 11
  8. YI: 7
  9. Sigma: 6
  10. GoPro: 5
  11. Hasselblad: 3
  12. Nikon: KeyMission
  13. Sandisk: 1TB
  14. Pentax: 0
  15. Leica: 0 (They had the nerve to show photographs! At a camera competition!)

The second half of the competition begins soon. Fuji has a sizable lead and others will need to bring a Jobsian surprise to knock them from the top step of the podium. Could Pentax and Leica, lagging far behind in this year’s competition, shock the world with a co-branded Q?


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