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This is not great great great great great grandpappy Cyrus. But he did have smallish feet like this fellow, or so we are told.

This is not great great great great great grandpappy Cyrus. But he did have smallish feet like this fellow, or so we are told.

New Camera News has been covering new cameras since the mid 1800s, when our great great great great grandpappy Cyrus exclaimed with much drama, “I’m going to start a website that covers cameras!” We all thought that he was daft (and he was, according to the most prominent physicians of the day), yet he persisted, first scratching out the news on a piece of parchment that he would carry around the village and thrust into peoples’ faces, much to their chagrin, and then, once his cousin John got a hold of one of those newfangled “typewriters”, on better parchment.

Great great great great grandpappy Cyrus was an industrious man, his main weakness apple cider, which he drank in large quantities. And then he died, and New Camera News fell under the watch of his grandson, Ichabod, who was a terrible publisher. Ichabod, prone to falling asleep beneath apple trees, did nothing, and were it not for the efforts of his patient wife, Dolores, New Camera News would not exist today. Dolores soldiered on, publishing issue after issue, waiting patiently for the arrival of what her Grandfather in law Cyrus called the “Internet.” It eventually came, first as this odd thing called the ARPANET, but poor Dolores was long dead by then.

We’re not quite sure how they managed, but Ichabod and Dolores had three children, Adam, Penelope, and Brian. They were all good for nothing lazy bums. But Penelope had a daughter, Honesty. Really. Truly. Honesty. One day, young Honesty was rummaging in the attic, looking for some flapper clothes to play with, and she stumbled about a big wooden chest engraved with the words, “New Camera News.” Within the chest was the entire collection of the publication – four ratty bits of parchment on which great great great great gandpappy Cyrus had scratched out totally incomprehensible gobbly gook, and a fair number of handwritten “issues” (if you can call two pieces of paper affixed with a paper clip an issue) penned by Grandma Dolores. It was on that fateful day that Honesty put the idea of restarting New Camera News into her tiny little heart, and that was the day that New Camera News was reborn.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.*

If you’d like to contact or compliment us, send an email to info@NewCameraNews.com. Insults and complaints should be sent to info@DPReview.com.


* Actually, NCN is written and produced by the rapidly spinning mind of John M Flores.